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Artemas Wealth has been providing advice to clients for over 25 years. Through experience, we understand what is required to deliver results for our clients, especially when transitioning through a climate of change. Our skill sets and contacts ensure that your strategy supports your business, your family and your lifestyle.

Timothy Donlea


Tim is the founder and principal of Artemas Wealth Management and has been providing advice to clients for over 25 years.

In today’s rapidly changing financial environment, investing has become increasingly complex. Whilst the principles of sound, long term investing have not changed, the speed at which financial markets now move can be often unsettling. Tim believes that a steady hand and experienced advice in these uncertain times are an important element in the relationship between an advisor and their client.

Tim loves walking in nature and keeping fit. He has been practising pilates for over 10 years. He is a student of Kriya Yoga meditation.

Timothy with his cat