The AI horse has bolted. What to do? 

Alan Finkel, who was Australia’s chief scientist from 2016 to 2020 wrote this article.

AI is everywhere. Its potential to contribute to society is vast and undisputed. However, almost every day, new concerns and calls for regulation are raised.

The trouble for regulators is that the AI horse has bolted. 

Like the effort to tackle climate change, negotiating an international agreement would require collaboration on a global scale similar to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, according to Alan Finkel (reprinted with permission).

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Where to now in global equity markets? 

I include an interesting article about the five forces which are defining the global equity cycle by Scott Berg, from T Rowe Price Insight. Reprinted with permission. 

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Climate change threatens to cause the next economic mega-shock

A clear and insightful article by Creon Butler, the Director of Global Economy and Finance Programme at CHATHAM HOUSE, a renowned International Affairs Think Tank.

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Less than 200 corporates responsible for majority of global industrial emissions

The new report, from the World Bank and CDP, found that just 157 global companies account for 60% of industrial emissions when also considering their vast supply chains.

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View from 'down under'

The pause in the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA’s) rate-hiking cycle was short-lived.
Having interrupted a string of 10 consecutive hikes at its April meeting to “assess the state of the economy and the outlook,” the RBA has just raised its cash rate by 25 basis points this week. The rate is now 4.10%, an 11-year high.

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A pause in markets

Concerns over US debt ceiling negotiations were the primary factor affecting global markets over the past weeks.

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What are the greatest risks facing us?

This Global Risks Report 2023 was published by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in January 2023 and gives a stark informed overview of the risks facing us. Reprinted with permission by WEF. 

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Courage, We have been here before

This commentary from Capital Group is a reminder that we have been here before.

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How to react when markets drop

This article from Vangard gives you an overview of how to respond to market corrections.

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The Federal Government announced a new Sustainable Finance Strategy

It sets in place the right enabling environment to unlock capital towards the sustainability challenges we must address as a nation

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